Carmen DiCiccio - Coal and Coke In Pennsylvania

Muriel E. Sheppard - Cloud by Day-Mostly focuses on Connellsville Coke District

Dennis F. Brestensky - The Early Coke Worker-Again, focusing on Connellsville Coke District

Bobby Salitrik - Coal Mines, Coke Yards & Company Stores, Families of the Patch

Ralph Rosendale & Tim Hroblak - A Coal Vein in Our Veins-Focuses on the Colonial mines around Smock, PA.

Lonnie Miller - Robena Photographs, Cumberland Mine Fire, Warwick Coal Mines; Marianna and Mine No. 58 - books focusing on Greene and Washington County

John A. Enman, PhD. - Another Time, Another World - Pennsylvania Bituminous coal, Coke, and Communities -

Margaret M. Mulrooney - A Legacy of Coal: The Coal Company Towns of Southwestern Pennsylvania-Histories of Star Junction, Windber, Colver, and other facts and observations about coal towns.

Regis M. Maher, M.D. - Patches of History...The 1920's & 1930's: Heyday of Fayette County Coal & Coke in Pennsylvania-The title says it all.

Kenneth Warren - Wealth, Waste, and Alienation - Growth and Decline in the Connellsville Coke Industry - A fascinating read.

James D. Sisler - Bituminous Coal Fields of Pennsylvania-Originally published in 1926

Diane Morgan - Daniels Rogers Davidson - About the founder of the Davidson mine, near Connellsville, written by his great grandaughter.