The coal mine at Grant Town was built by Federal Coal and Coke Company in 1901. Grant Town was named after Federal's vice president Robert Grant. Later Koppers Coal Company operated the Federal No. 1 mine. Koppers's mines were all later owned by Eastern Associated Coal Co. Federal No. 1 mine was finally closed in 1985 after a whopping 84 years of production.


The original tipple and coke ovens at Grant Town as it looked circa 1916.

This concrete shell was part of the preparation plant or blending bins. (Nov. 2004 image by author)

Former Koppers Company store. (Nov. 2004 image by author)

General view of the company-built coal camp at Grant Town. In the upper left part of the picture is St. Anthony Catholic church. Often when a Catholic church was named after Saint Anthony it meant that it served Italian-American parishioners. (Nov. 2004 image by author)

An "authentic" company house. (Nov. 2004 image by author)

The coal company would build these garages for residents who owned automobiles. (Nov. 2004 image by author)

A remant of the Federal No. 1 coal mine. (Nov. 2004 image by author)

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that this was the UMWA union hall. (Mar. 2017 image by Mark Phillips)

Nice view of the railroad curving around the remains of the Grant Town prep plant, with the red brick company store in the background. (Mar. 2017 image by Mark Phillips)

These large coal camp homes look more like ones that would be found in Pennsylvania. (Mar. 2017 image by Mark Phillips)

Another view of the Grant Town coal company housing. (Mar. 2017 image by Mark Phillips)

This Grant Town house, which looks like it was built for a coal company official, still retains its outhouse in the back yard. (Mar. 2017 image by Mark Phillips)