Pricedale, Pa., near Belle Vernon, Pa., was home to the Somers No. 2, 3, and 4 Mines. I'm not sure exactly where Somers No. 1 Mine was, but it was a few miles away along the Monongahela River. That mine was opened by the J.H. Somers Fuel Company in the 1890s. Around 1900 Pittsburgh Coal Company acquired the remainder of the Somers lease / coal reserves (Pittsburgh seam) and went further back away from the river into Rostraver Twp. and opened Somers 2, 3, and 4 mines and built Pricedale. Use of Joy mining machines was pioneered at Pricedale. Coal mining at Pricedale ended by 1955.

Former company store with the Pricedale patch town in the background. (Mar. 2018 image by author)

Front of the company store still bears the name Federal Supply Co. No. 16. Federal Supply Co. was the retail subsidiary of Pittsburgh Coal Co. (Mar. 2018 image by author)

This photo shows the side of the company store with a red brick building in the background that looked like a coal mine office to me, though the Somers No. 4 mine map that I have shows no such building. (Mar. 2018 image by author)

"Shotgun" coal company houses at Pricedale. (Mar. 2018 image by author)

The patch houses have had individual customizatons over the years. (Mar. 2018 image by author)

Another section of Pricedale on the other side of where the tipple was located has the more familiar Pennsylvania duplex homes. (Mar. 2018 image by author)

At one time this was the Somers stable boss's house. The stable (for mine mules and horses) was located near here, but is gone now. (Mar. 2018 image by author)

One of the few remains of the Somers mines is this brick building. The part on the left was the power house, the part in the middle was a machine shop, and the section on the right was added after the mine closed. And, yes, someone has recently painted it purple. (Mar. 2018 image by author)

Concrete substructure for the tipple peeking out from behind the brush. (Mar. 2018 image by author)

Part of the slate dump. (Mar. 2018 image by author)

Railroad trestles at Pricedale. The mine was serviced by Monongahela Division of the P. & L. E. Railroad. (Mar. 2018 image by author)

After all these years there is still a Hungarian social club in Pricedale. Someone told me that you don't have to be Hungarian or Polish or Slovak to belong to these clubs anymore. (Mar. 2018 image by author)

(Mar. 2018 image by author)


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