The history of the Warwick mines is a tangled web. Warwick Coal Co. opened the Warwick mine, near Greensboro, Pa., in 1922. In the late 1920s it was ran by Hillman Coal Co. Then Penn Pitt Coal and Coke Co. owned it for a very short time; probably less than a year. In 1931 it ended up being a captive mine of Duquesne Light for use in their coal-fired powerplants. At first Warwick's owner was Harwick Coal & Coke, which was just a subsidiary of Duquesne Light. In 1940 Warwick became a direct property of Duquesne Light, a status that it would keep for 50 years. Apparently from 1988 until 1990 Warwick was shut down due to labor woes. After 1990 Duquesne Light leased Warwick to a subcontractor to operate for them. Despite better management-labor relations and the installtion of a longwall mining machine, difficult mining conditions were encountered in the mid 1990s and the Warwick mines shut down in 1997.

At one time or another there were Warwick Mines. No. 1, 2, 3, & 4. Warwick No. 1, in the Sewickley seam (known locally as Mapletown seam), closed in 1967. Warwick No. 2, in the Pittsburgh seam, closed in 1979. Warwick No. 3, in Sewickley coal, shut down in 1996. Warwick No. 4, in Sewickley coal, was the shortest-lived Warwick mine of all, producing coal only from 1968 to 1974. Eventually mining in Warwick No. 3 had moved far enough back from the Monongahela River that new shafts were sunk and a four mile long overland conveyor was installed to transport the coal to the Warwick river tipple. All Warwick coal went into barges, except for what was sold locally as house coal. There was no railroad loadout at Warwick.

Probably original company houses from the first Warwick Coal Co. mine in 1922. Duquesne Light sold all of their company houses to the occupants in 1953. (Mar. 2018 image by author)

Nearby are these houses on "Hillman St." Maybe these were installed when Hillman Coal ran the Warwick mines in the late 20s. (Mar. 2018 image by author)

More "Hillman" houses on the steep hillside. This neighborhood is also known as "Glassworks" because there was a glass manufacturing enterprise at this location two centuries ago. (Mar. 2018 image by author)

(Mar. 2018 image by author)

Source(s): Miller, Lonnie. Warwick Coal Mines. Rita Miller, 2000.



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