Bird's eye view of Bobtown with the patch on the left and the ruins of the coal mine on the right. (Image courtesy of Microsoft Virtual Earth)

The superintendent's office at the Bobtown mine, Shannopin Coal Co.

The boiler house at the Bobtown mine.

On the left is the bathhouse at Bobtown, on the right is the lamphouse. Shannopin Coal Co. closed the mine in the early 1990s.

Signs inside the lamphouse.

Inside the bathhouse can still be found the baskets hanging from the ceiling that held the miners' clothes

The miners' shower in the Bobtown bathhouse.

The supply shed at Bobtown is collapsing.

Remains of the electric locomotive system that hauled coal from the mine

The locamotive brought the coal cars down to this preparation plant on the banks of the Monongahela River. This is how it looks today as viewed from Albert Gallatin's pioneer estate.

The mining camp on the hill above the mine

Another section of the Bobtown patch.

Probably the Bobtown company store.

Sam Baker sent in this photo, about which he writes, "I found a semi-sealed portal behind the lamphouse with stone steps coming from the patch to it."

Sam Baker photographed this portal near Bobtown, and he wrote, "The portals used to be 12 foot but the AMD precipitate has built up to the current levels. The portals did not acess the J&L Steel/Shannopin mine." Another portal is about 20 feet away.

The following photos were taken by Tom Strong:

Shannopin bath house

Inside the bath house

Probably front of lamp house

Ransacked lamp house interior

Overhead crane

Electrical details

Artificial respiration detail

Mine office lintel

Mine trip trestle