Boiler house and hoist house at Yukon, PA were part of the Magee Mine, operated from 1908 until 1954 by the Westmoreland Coal Co. They mined a section of the Pittsburgh seam there that averaged 81". (1990 HAER image by Jet Lowe)

The large powerhouse is deteriorating. The smaller attached structure on the left is the engine room. (Nov. 2004 image by author)

Inside the powerhouse.(Nov. 2004 image by author)

Detail of a window in the powerhouse. (Nov. 2004 image by author)

The hoist house stands beside the powerhouse. Both of these structures overlooked a previously demolished tipple. (Nov. 2004 image by author)

This picture shows the slate roof on the hoist house. The hoist house probably contained equipment used to operate tramways going to the tipple or to the refuse pile. (Sep. 2002 image by author)

Detail of a door on the machinery shop. (Nov. 2004 image by author)

This small brick shed is called the cap house. (Nov. 2004 image by author)

One of the two slope portals, which are located side by side in this cut stone face-up. (Nov. 2004 image by author)

This electric haulage trolley sits rotting at the McGee Mine site. (Nov. 2004 image by author)

Several styles of company built houses are represented in Yukon, such as this two-family double patch house. Note the large slate dump in the back ground. (Nov. 2004 image by author)

I have not found these in any other coal patch: four family housing.(Nov. 2004 image by author)

At the top of the hill there are these smaller single family company homes. This type of coal company housing was more commonly found in the mining camps of Central and Southern Appalachia. (Nov. 2004 image by author)



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