Attractive two-family patch housing at the "model" patch of Slickville. These "model" coal towns were built by the Coal and Steel companies during the last few decades of the Coal and Coke Patch era to provide a more pleasant and habitable community for its employees and their families. It was also supposed to placate the employees to the point that they would think they wouldn't need the UMWA. (May 2003 image by author)

Slickville was one of the last coal patches to be built in Westmoreland County, PA. The Cambria Iron Company built the town and coal mine in 1916. (May 2003 image by author)

The commissary stands abandoned at Slickville, PA. (May 2003 image by author)

Aside from this slate dump, there is scant evidence of the coal operations at Slickville today. Later the mine operator was named Bethlehem Mines Corporation (Bethlehem Steel owned Cambria Iron). Bethlehem closed the Slickville mines in 1943. (May 2003 image by author)



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