The Rochester and Pittsburg Coal and Iron Co. opened the Lucerne Mines operation and patch town in 1907. These coke ovens were some of the last beehive ovens built in America. They were constructed in 1952. They operated until 1972, when the Pennsylvania D.E.P. closed down most of the beehive coke works in the state at Lucerne Mines, Shoaf, Alverton, and Calumet. (Circa 2016 image by James Sears).

A 1975 lawsuit regarding these ovens - Rochez Brothers vs. Pa. D.E.R. - was basically the legal precedent that slammed the door for good on beehive coke production in Pennsylvania.

This tipple at Lucerne Mines was standing just a few years ago, but it must have been destroyed. Who would do such a terrible thing? (Apr. 1991 image by Jet Lowe, Historic American Engineering Record [HAER]).

Ruins of the refuse conveyor,with the slate dump in the background, at Lucerne Mines. (Nov. 2002 image by author)

Part of the large Lucerne Mines patch. (Nov. 2002 image by author)

Allen was nice enought to contribute this picture of the refuse conveyor that has been demolished at Lucerne Mines. In the background is Penelec's coal-fired Homer City Electric Generating Station. (Image courtesy of Allen)



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