The Colver coal mine and patch town in Cambria County, Pennsylvania date back to 1911 when they were built by the Ebensburg Coal Company.

These are four room houses for the "hunky" immigrant miners north of Reese Avenue. Eastern Associated Coal Co. assumed ownership of Colver in the mid 1950s.

Larger patch houses, probably for the White Anglo Saxon Protestant miners.

The name Colver was a combination of it's owners' names: Coleman and Weaver. They also owned the Cambria and Indiana Railroad, which was based out of Colver. It hauled Colver coal from the Lower Kittanning seam and also serviced other mines in Cambria and Indiana Counties. These homes on Reese Avenue were built for employees of the C&I railroad.

The building in the foreground is the Colver Company Store, operated by the coal company until 1963. It is more architecturally impressive than most other company stores. Behind it is the former amusement hall. The former offices of the Ebensburg Coal Company are behind the amusement hall. This building now houses a restaurant and the post office. A manway shaft and bathhouse was behind the offices until they were demolished in the 1990s.

Not many other coal mining villages had the grand hotel that Colver had (or any hotel).

Eastern Associated Coal Co. idled the Colver mines in 1978. A decade later this preparation plant and powerhouse were still standing at Colver in this 1988 photo. Those are dust collectors on top of the plant. (Public Domain photo by Jet Lowe, HAER [Historical American Engineering Record])

However now all that is left of the large structures are these ruins.

The ruins of the prep plant are scattered about the site. The large slate dump extends in all directions. It is now being remined for a new power plant built at Colver, so the story of Colver and coal is not over yet.

These Cambria and Indiana Railroad shops are still in existence at Colver.

Read more about Colver HERE.



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