A coal town located on Dunloop Creek on the Raleigh/Fayette County line, Price Hill Fuel Co., which was chartered in 1905, drove a shaft down to the Sewell seam, and the mine started producing in 1907. A 1921 W.V. state list of mines shows the owner as Price Hill Colliery Company, although that name does not show up in the state mining database. The New River Co. was the final owner.

A recent view of Price Hill. (Mar. 2005 image by author)

Remaining company houses. (Feb. 2001 image by author)

This was originally the superintendent's house, later the miner's clubhouse. (Feb. 2001 image by author)

The superintendent's house shows up in this ancient picture of the Price Hill mining camp (Image from the out of print book "The New River Company-Mining Coal and Making History 1906-1976")

A shop building left over from the Price Hill coal mines. (2018 image by author)

Price Hill when the town and colliery were new. At this time the mine was known as Sherwood, and you can see that it was a shaft mine. Note the company houses on top of the mountain, and also the road going up the mountain which later became U.S. Route 19 and 21. (Image courtesy of Walter Caldwell)

By the time this photo was taken the tipple had been enlarged and modernized. (Image courtesy of Walter Caldwell)

The Magliano family at Price Hill. Left to right Gilda, Tony, Shirley, Becky Hurt, Vienna Magliano Hurt, and John. (Image courtesy of Wendy Sullivan)



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