Evidently Glen Jean was constructed in the 1890's. Collins Colliery Company and McKell Coal and Coke Company both operated coal mines at Glen Jean. Years later the New River Company was the operator of the mines at Glen Jean.

This photo of Glen Jean is probably more than a century old. In it once can see how Glen Jean was probably two coal camps combined. In the background is the coal camp, tipple, and coke ovens of the Collins Colliery Company. Visible is Collins's company store - the same design Collins constructed at another one of his company towns, Whipple, a few miles away.

In the foreground are coal camp houses and a company store that were probably owned by McKell Coal & Coke. The railroad running across the middle of the photo must have been the boundary between the two coal company towns. (Image courtesy of Walter Caldwell)

An old coal camp house with the Glen Jean railroad sign. This particular rail spur, which went up to Whipple and Scarbro, has been removed. However, the railroad from Mount Hope to Thurmond still is routed through Glen Jean, and is still active. (Dec. 2013 image by author)

This section of Glen Jean is still called Collins Hill. It was originally the Collins Colliery section of Glen Jean, and those are small company houses constructed by Collins. (Dec. 2013 image by author)

Another style of coal company homes on Collins Hill. (Dec. 2013 image by author)

However, these company houses are a different style from the ones on Collins Hill, and were probably constructed by McKell Coal and Coke. (Dec. 2005 image by author)

The schoolhouse at Glen Jean sits lonely and forlorn. (Dec. 2013 image by author)

This bank building, featuring great cut stone work, was restored by the National Park Service, who built a large office complex at Glen Jean to administer the New River Gorge National River. The structure is a well known landmark, but I have never seen it open, nor have I seen anyone coming in or out of it, even though new, modern windows have been installed. I wonder what the Park Service keeps inside. (Dec. 2013 image by author)

Detail of a door at the rear of the bank building still shows Mckell's name. Perhaps this part of the building was the office where McKell Coal and Coke administered their many mines in the Glen Jean area. (Dec. 2013 image by author)

This beautiful church has been preserved at Glen Jean. (Dec. 2013 image by author)

This last photo was titled, "Saloon - Glen Jean Area - early 1900s." (Image courtesy of Walter Caldwell)



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