Abandoned coal camp houses at Monaville, WV. The Mona mine was opened in 1912 by Hutchinson Coal Co. superintendent J.J. Ross. Monaville was named after Mona Wilkinson, the daughter of a coal mine boss. (Mar. 2002 image by author)

These extant company homes in Monaville must have been for management. Nearly every coal company town had a street or row of houses like this, and I have heard them called "Bosses Row," "Big Shot Bottom," "Silk Stocking Row," and "Quality Row." (Dec. 2017 image by author)

Gregg Gilden writes, "I recently bought an old photograph scrapbook from 1938. It contains some early photographs of Monaville. They are of men who probably worked there in the coal mine. There are pictures of their houses and surroundings. I wanted to get the photos to you so you can share them with the folks that care about them the most. These were taken by The Vespremi family which I found in the 1930 census taken by Mr. Ferrell(?) I believe. Some of the photos have names on the back, and some don't. Gazel Vespremi, I believe, took most of these photos, so he is the one who deserves the real credit."

Here are most of Gregg's photos. Thanks Gregg!



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