I have been trying to figure out what year Red Jacket Coal Corp. built Coal Mountain. In the Raleigh County Public Library I found a 1939 Department of Mines book that did not show Coal Mountain. The chronologically next book was from 1945, and it did show Coal Mountain No. 11 and 12. So it was somewhere between those dates. N&W Historical Society archives have a map of mine tracks at Coal Mountain dated 1942, so that's probably the year the Coal Mountain mine opened - a very late date for a coal company town. Later Island Creek Coal purchased Red Jacket Coal, and they were the owner and operator.

Coal Mountain when it was new. (Image courtesy of Melissa Addison)

When I went up to Coal Mountain in 2005 to get a photo of the company store a resident told me it had burned or something. So I am glad that photographer Steve Gearhart took this picture of it. (1999 image courtesy of stevengearhart.com)

Coal Mountain prep plant. (1991 WV SHPO image)

One of the structures built by Red Jacket Coal that has survived at Coal Mountain, WV. It has been demolished, but there was another smaller company operating a coal mine there on the day I took this picture. (Mar. 2005 image by author)



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