Kenneth Johnson was a section foreman in the Powellton No. 7 Mine. (From an Eastern Fuel and Gas employee magazine)

This was the Koppers Company Store (Store No. 17) in Kimberly, WV. Of course the roll up door is not original. (Aug. 2007 image by author)

Photo of the Kimberly company store when it was still a company store. (From an Eastern Fuel and Gas employee magazine)

At Powellton, WV can be found the only remaining beehive coke ovens in the Kanawha Coalfield. I don't know how old they are, but coal and coke operations at Powellton date back to the 1890s. (Jan. 2005 image by author)

Coal camp houses at Powellton. (Jan. 2005 image by author)

These company houses at Powellton were probably built by the Koppers Coal Company when the took over the Powellton coal mines around 1936. They are simalar to the company houses that Koppers built in Kopperston, WV. Before Koppers came to Powellton the operator was Elkhorn Piney Coal Mining Company. Powellton is also the name of a seam of coal first mined here. The Eagle seam was also mined at Powellton. (Jan. 2005 image by author)

The crude condition of the Powellton coal camp before Koppers came in and spruced it up. (Image source forgotten)

Slate dump in Craig Hollow - tributary to Armstrong Creek and Powellton Hollow. (Image courtesy WVDEP AML Program)

This abandoned prep plant near Elk Ridge was a property of Cyprus-Amax Coal Co. Obviously it was constructed after the railroads running up the two forks of Armstrong Creek were removed, because it appears to be designed for truck loading (probably hauling to a barge loadout) rather than train loading. (Aug. 2007 image by author)

Vintage photo of the aftermath of a train explosion in McDunn, a coal camp that was up the hollow from Powellton. (Dec. 1934 image courtsy of Walter Caldwell)

Foremen from the Powellton No. 3 mine of Eastern Fuel and Gas. (1940s image from an Eastern Fuel and Gas employee magazine)



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