This coal camp centered around a mine owned by the Leckie Coal Company. In the mid 1960's the Beckley seam ran out. The Flat Top Colliery Co. was running the show by then, and they, like the rest of the Gulf, started mining Pocahontas No. 4. The Meadows Coal Co. also operated there on a lease. I am not sure when the mine closed. Fireco is located in the upper Piney Creek valley.

A 1922 Black Diamond article stated, "Among those operations in the Winding Gulf district that have played an important part in the maintenance and increase of production from that field are two modernly equipped and scientifically developed properties of the Leckie interests known as the Leckie Fire Creek Coal Company and the Douglas Coal Company." One wonders why Leckie set up two different companies at Fireco rather than just name the mines Fireco No. 1 and No. 2.

Fireco Company Store. One older gentleman from this area remembered a few independent "country stores" in the area, but noted that they didn't do nearly as much business as the company stores. (Oct. 1998 image by author)

Company built houses for the miners. (Feb. 2001 image by author)

Company built houses for the foreman. (Feb. 2001 image by author)

This was the Leckie Fire Creek Coal Co. tipple at Fireco. (Circa 1922 Black Diamond image via Google Books)

JR emailed in this photo of Fireco back when it was booming. Only a handful of these coal camp houses remain at Fireco. The tipple and incline are in the background. (Image courtesy of J.R. Vied)

(Image from the John W. Barriger III Collection)



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