Abney mine and coal camp were originally named Phillips, WV, probably for William Phillips, the president of Pemberton Coal and Coke Co. Apparently the Phillips mine opened in 1922.

Tipple foundations and the former Virginian Railway branch that ran up to the mines at Whitby, Jonben, and Fireco. These rusty, overgrown rails haven't seen a train in years. (Nov. 2009 image by author)

More ruins of the Abney tipple. (Nov. 2009 image by author)

Possibly an electrical borehole for the coal mine. (Nov. 2009 image by author)

Slate dump left over from the operation at Abney. (Nov. 2009 image by author)

A vintage picture of the Abney company store. (Image courtesy of "Raleigh County - A Century of Pictures," by David Sibray)

Today the store is a private residence. (Mar. 2010 image by author)

The Abney coal camp was built on a little peninsula above the mines. It was probably always a small community, with perhaps 25 houses. Here are some of the company houses. (Dec. 2014 image by author)

More coal company houses at Abney, this time with front gables. Most have had a good bit of alterations from their original appearance, like the garage door under the house shown here. (Dec. 2014 image by author)

Wasn't this the name of a Beatles album?



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