This photo shows Clear Fork Coal Co.'s Clearco coal camp being constructed in 1929. I went up there and there's absolutely nothing left of the town, which is a shame because Clearco was one of only a few coal camps in Southern West Virginia that I know of to have brick houses. They had indoor bathrooms, hardwood floors, and central furnaces. Clearco was one of the highest (elevation) mines in the east. The Brooke No. 1 mine and Brooke No. 2 mine were in the Sewell seam. Later companies such as Demasi Coal Co. and Bryant Coal Co. mined at Clearco. (Image source Clarence Quenon)

Bill shares this photo of the tipple at Clearco in July 2000, shortly before it was demolished. (Image by Herold Robinson via Bill Richmond)

Bill also emailed in this picture of what he called the "work shop" at Clearco. He writes, "As you can see the brick in the shop is also what most of the houses were built out of as well." (Image by Herold Robinson via Bill Richmond)

A rare picture of the Clear Creek Coal Company store that used to exist at Clearco (Image courtesy Bill Richmond)



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