Bellburn was opened in the 1920's by Greenbrier Smokeless Coal Co. and named for company officials John BELL and H.H. BlackBURN.

A 1925 view of the Greenbrier Smokeless Coal Company store at Bellburn. This store is gone now, but a few of the coal camp houses remain. (Image courtesy of Walter Caldwell)

The preparation plant and loadout at Bellburn date from recent times when A.T. Massey operated a mine here as White Buck Coal Co. (Apr. 2001 image by author)

Another view of the coal processing facility at Bellburn. Note the steel (instead of concrete) stacking tube on the left. This is now demolished. (Apr. 2001 image by author)

A few remaining coal camp houses at Bellburn. (Circa 2011 image courtesy of Gray & Pape, Inc.)

Looks like most of the Bellburn coal company housing was of the bungalow type with pyramid roofs. (Circa 2011 image courtesy of Gray & Pape, Inc.)

Aerial view showing what's left of the Bellburn mining camp on the right and coal mining brownfields on the left. (Image by others)



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