Yet another in the string of coal mining towns along Elkhorn Creek, Powhatan (POW-hatan, emphasis on the first syllable) was named after a Native American tribe that resided in Virginia. This seemed to go along with the Pocahontas, Hiawatha, Algonquin, etc. theme of this coalfield. Powhatan Coal & Coke Co. mined coal here from 1897 until 1937.

The original Powhatan tipple must have been quite a sight. (Thanks to Alan Cathead Johnston)

Apparently the tipple was later rebuilt to more modern standards. (Courtesy VT ImageBase, housed and operated by Digital Library and Archives, University Libraries; scanning by Digital Imaging, Learning Technologies, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)

This style of coal camp house is called "Salt Box." It originated in the coal towns of Pennsylvania and Maryland.(Apr. 2014 image by author)

Sacred Heart Catholic Church and rectory in Powhatan. When the Sacred Heart parish was founded in 1914 this valley would have been packed with Catholic immigrants newly-arrived from Europe. (The church structure itself may date to the 1890's.) Now this parish serves only 36 families according to the Diocese, probably descendants of the original immigrants from Poland, Italy, Hungary, etc. (Apr. 2014 image by author)

View of the Powhatan coal camp from the Sacred Heart porch. (Apr. 2014 image by author)

This Powhatan structure was once a tavern and Texaco service station. (Feb. 2017 image by author)



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