Lynchburg Coal & Coke Co. ran the coal mine at Kyle from the 1890's until 1940. It is a small coal camp just beyond the edge of North Fork.

Company houses and the Norfolk-Southern railroad. (Apr. 2014 image by author)

Another view of the coal camp while standing on the railroad. (Apr. 2014 image by author)

Between these two old coal camp houses sits a little "coal house," where the coal company would deposit each family's coal, then deduct it from the miner's pay. This coal house served both homes, and that is why there are two holes in it. (Apr. 2014 image by author)

These Kyle residents have a little trail down the mountain. (Apr. 2014 image by author)

Coal mine ruins at Kyle. (Apr. 2014 image by author)

I don't think Kyle has many remaining residents. The blue car seen here was actually driven by a fisherman who got out, gathered up his rod and tackle, and walked down to a fishing hole in Elkhorn Creek. That stream was probably dead 30 years ago, but it must have been restored to the point where people are fishing in it again. (Apr. 2014 image by author)



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