This was actually the No. 8 Works for United States Coal and Coke Co. (the coal mining arm of U.S. Steel). It was named for Judge Elbert Gary, the chairman of U.S. Steel.


Looking down the main drag in Elbert. (Mar. 2004 image by author)

A closer look at the different styles of housing in Elbert. (Mar. 2004 image by author)

Yet another house design that U.S.C. & C. Co. built at Elbert. (Mar. 2004 image by author)

This one story company-built house is noteworthy because so much of it's original architecture is still intact. (Mar. 2004 image by author)

The train cars are full of coal from Black Wolf Mining Company's mine in Elbert. (Mar. 2004 image by author)

Remains of U.S. Coal and Coke Company's No. 8 coke works in Elbert. (Apr. 2006 image by author)

Visable in this photograph are some of the houses in Elbert on the right, some of the gondola cars Black Wolf has loaded in the center, and ruins of the beehive coke ovens to the left. (Mar. 2004 image by author)

Black Wolf Mining Company's active mine at Elbert loads a train. (Mar. 2004 image by author)

This mine loads coal the old fashioned way - note the man standing on and between the two cars operating the hand brake. He then rolls the car down the grade and moves the next car up under the chute. This is the last car they will load for this particular train. (Mar. 2004 image by author)



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