This mining town was owned first by The Virginia Pocahontas Coal Co., later by the Carter Coal Co. and the final operators were Consolidation Coal Co. Their No. 254 mine was a slope into the Sewell seam, and No. 261 mine was a shaft down to the War Creek seam.

The preparation plant, which is idle now

Another view of the prep plant showing the rotary breaker and the skip hoist. This hoist brought coal to the plant to be processed. There was also a "man hoist" which is just a concrete cap over a shaft now.

Detail of the top of the skip hoist head frame

Where the refuse bin discharged into the aerial tramway buggies.

These dilapidated buildings, which probably included maintenance and electric shops, are next to the tipple. The building with the smokestack coming out of it appears to have been a steam plant.

Another photo of the steam plant/tipple complex taken in 1999.

This was the company store in Caretta, now houses a mom and pop store.

The lower part of the Caretta mining camp

The upper portion of the coal camp

These garages were for the miners who owned automobiles.

Val contributes this 1915 photo and writes, "Must have been a Sunday, too dressed up too work, shoes shined. Elbert E. Newman 23 on left. His brother AJ Newman 33 on the right. Boy in middle Rupert Burton Davis 14, Elbert's brother-in-law all from Carroll Co. VA. Elbert's brother Samuel's body was found on a burning slag pit in 1905 at 'Six' in Carreta, WV. The mines were part of the young men of VA's early days, and for some not their life long profession. These 3 all came from Virginia farming families. All returned to Virginia. Elbert went on to be a carpenter/building contractor, Rupert a wagon builder, and AJ a train engineer." Val credits the photo to Elbert Newman's daughter, Thelma Ardythe Newman.



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