New England was one of the earlier coal mines in W.Va. New England Coal Co. opened the mine in 1868. Later New England was operated by West Fairmont Coal & Coke Co., then in 1901 Fairmont Coal & Coke Co., and, finally, in 1910 Consolidation Coal Co. It became Consol Mine No. 26, and it produced a lot of coal into the 1920's, before production dwindled down and the mine closed in 1938.

This neighborhood in Fairmont was once the coal camp for the Fairmont Coal Company's New England mine. (Google Street View image)

Old coal shovel sitting around the property. (1997 WV SHPO image by Mark Whitby)

This was speculated to be the mine's machine shop. (1997 WV SHPO image by Mark Whitby)

Closer look at the alleged machine shop. (1997 WV SHPO image by Mark Whitby)

Vintage view of the New England tipple. (Contributed by Mark Phillips)

Colorized post card of the New England colliery along the West Fork River. Apparently some of the New England coal was shipped by barge, as WV SHPO mentions a deteriorating barge loadout in their site study. This is the farthest point up the Monongahela River from Pittsburgh, Pa. as a barge could get. Beyond this would be small personal boating only. (Contributed by Mark Phillips)



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