The Dawson coal mine was located at Dawmont, WV, just north of Clarksburg in Harrison County, and opened in 1917 by the Dawson Coal Co. Although state mining records show 1949 as the last year that firm ran the Dawson Mine, another coal company must have later worked the Dawson Mine, because there are reports of a mine fire there in the 1960's. The Federal Emergency Relief Administration reported in 1934 that the Dawson Mine employed 100 men, was operating 2 or 3 days per week, and sold coal to the NYC Railroad.

Aerial view of the 21st Century remains of Dawmont, the name of the coal camp associated with the Dawson Mine. Most of the company houses have been altered from their original design, and several are gone. As you can see, the (former Baltimore and Ohio) railroad is still there. (Image by others)

Original company houses that are still inhabited. (Oct. 2014 image by author)

View of a row of coal camp houses up on the hill at Dawmont. At one time the grassy area in front of the houses would have been filled with coal camp houses, too. (Oct. 2014 image by author)

The house in the center of the photo is still sporting company-installed shingled siding. (Sep. 2006 image by author)

Older aerial photo showing the Dawmont camp on the right, the abadoned tipple and railroad toward the minddle, and coal refuse piles to the left and at the top of the photo. This has all been reclaimed now. (1990's image courtesy WVDEP Abandoned Mine Lands & Reclamation)

Ruins of the tipple after it was demolished. The railroad can be seen in the background. (1990's image courtesy WVDEP Abandoned Mine Lands & Reclamation)

Abandoned machine shop. (1990's image courtesy WVDEP Abandoned Mine Lands & Reclamation)

Another abandoned mine shop building. All has been reclaimed now. (1990's image courtesy WVDEP Abandoned Mine Lands & Reclamation)

Possible company store or bath house. (July 2003 WVSHPO image by Jeff Davis)

Ruins of a fan house or tipple. (July 2003 WVSHPO image by Jeff Davis)



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