These coal camp houses at Closplint, KY are well preserved. The Clover Splint Coal Company (hence Closplint) constructed this coal town and coal mine in 1926. That is kind of a late date for a coal company town, and it shows in the "enlightened" and "reformed" arrangement of these company houses. Closplint mines were served by the L&N railroad. (2017 image by author)

Black Mountain rises up in the background behind the Closplint coal camp. (2017 image by author)

Per "model" coal camp designs not all of the houses are of the same shape. And I don't believe that these are two-family houses, either. (2017 image by author)

Probably boarding house, club house, and / or "bosses row." (2017 image by author)

These nice houses were probably for managers. (2017 image by author)

Possibly a boarding house. (2017 image by author)

So most of the Closplint coal company town is still there, but I did not see any remnant from the mine itself. (2017 image by author)



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